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Women’s history expert Doris Weatherford’s Victory for the Vote: The Fight for Women’s Suffrage and the Century that Followed offers readers an engaging and detailed narrative history of women’s seven-decade fight for the vote and will bring those readers up to date on key achievements—and challenges—in women’s equality since then. A foreword by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and an alliance with the Women’s National Book Association will enhance market reach and influence.

An expanded edition of a 1998 volume on the history of the American suffragist movement, Victory for the Vote now puts the fight for suffrage into contemporary context by discussing key challenges for women in the decades that followed 1920, such as reproductive rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and political power. With Weatherford’s long record as a women’s history expert and the political authority that Speaker Pelosi’s foreword brings to the table, Victory for the Vote is a central book in the 2020 Centennial celebration of women’s right to vote.